In Home Consultation

All clients are booked with a 2 hour in home consultation to start them off. This is when we get to see your project, brainstorm ideas, layout, and selections, and give a more indepth description of our services and contracts

What it Includes

  • Design

    This is treated as a brainstorm session and not just a meet and greet. We will discuss all of the things you hate and love about your home, give suggestions that you can implement on your own.We can review items you want to buy as well as suggest paint colors, design style, etc. 

  • Estimates & Contracts

    Once we have walked the space, we will sit down with you to discuss what services you feel best fit your needs. We will provide you an estimate and discuss options to ensure that we can work within your budget.

  • Follow Up

    Within 24 hours of your consultation we will send you a recap of all of the things that we talked about, including all of the ideas that we provided.

Is a Consultation Right for You?

This simple service is the first step for all of our clients. Regardless of if you are a DIYer and feel confident in your project or if you think you may want our full service. This service is extremely beneficial in the amount of information that the client can take away when it comes to both their design project and our services. For some a consultation is all they need, and some need more. 


2 Hour In Home Consultation: $500

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