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5 Instagram Accounts that will unleash your inner designer

5 Instagram Accounts that will unleash your inner designer

5 Instagram Accounts that will unleash your inner designer


One thing I can never get enough of is inspiration. Every designer needs it. A lot of the times I think in creative fields like this we are pitted against each other as competition, or we personally tend to compare ourselves to others we see on social media. But uplifting an inspiring others through our work is what continues to push us. So I'd love to share my top 10 design Instagram accounts that I am following right now and pulling a lot of my inspiration from.


This Toronto Based designer is known for her relaxed and elevated style, bringing in lots of modern and traditional touches to a space. The use of texture and organic elements offers a calming feel to any interior.


"Ashley is widely celebrated for her distinctive and instantly recognizable collected, organic style. You can find our recent work in most major publications including Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, House & Garden, Dwell, Domino, House and Home, etc."


While this is more of a furniture and goods designer, I absolutely love the spaces on her profile. They are dark moody yet timeless. It has a perfect mix of funky and traditional pieces that make each space feel unique and collected.


"LEMIEUX ET CIE launched in 2020 by designer and home furnishings entrepreneur Christiane Lemieux with a focus on the creative design process, partnering with master artisans and producers around the globe, and letting the creative process happen. What if together we made something beautiful that was meant to last? 

Rooted in a studied appreciation of iconic European ateliers of the likes of Jean Arp, Constantin Brancusi and Alberto Giacometti, LEMIEUX ET CIE is a celebration of the creative process and the global community of artisans that make each piece possible. Whether in the evidence of the hand or the imperfection of materials, we believe that how something is made is just as important as the end product—and we only partner with artisans who believe the same. Weavers in Nepal. Glassblowers in Eastern Europe. Carvers in Vietnam. Furniture makers in North Carolina. Each piece we design is made in small batches by human hands with a legacy for craftsmanship.

For her first collection, Lemieux drew inspiration from her personal archives, a design library she has been compiling in her New York City loft for over two decades. A deep dive into the world of heirloom materials—burled oak, undyed Moroccan wools, solid travertines—these pieces are a retrospective on timeless design in both form and tactility. 

As we enter the decade of home, we are creating pieces that turn your space into your favorite place to work / rest / eat / learn / teach / play … Lemieux Et Cie is here to help make your home your most inspiring space."


Light and Dwell is always a favorite of mine. They use a lot of vintage inspiration in their designs while making it feel like a modern freshly designed space.


"Heavily influenced by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Light and Dwell was built on the emphasis of quality over quantity and creating spaces that are both innovative and timeless while remaining whole-heartedly home. The brand was founded in Oregon in 2016 by Co-Founders Molly Kidd and Aymee Kuhlman and was named by Architectural Digest as a New American Voice in 2023 .

Light and Dwell Chief Creative and Principal designer, Molly Kidd has a design ethos of old-age European culture and the signature L&D aesthetic is highly influenced by that same elevated ease and warm refinement. Molly uses six main styles that correlate with their clients’ personality and livability: Cottage Tudor, Mountain Ranch,European, Earthy Organic, Modern and Traditional. Light and Dwell’s projects are design-forward reaching a-list celebrity clients with the location driving the design from their homeland, Oregon to California, Texas, Utah, Washington, Tennessee and more throughout the nation.

As a leader in interiors, we feel committed to being leaders in sustainability. Part of our design promise is to mix 50% well-loved vintage pieces with custom made products, increasing the life of already-made materials and supporting artisanal makers. Our initiative stems from localism as we source and antique in the homeland of each of our projects. If we have a project in Austin, TX, a lot of what you'll see is from that town. Each antique element tells a story and gives the allure that these heirlooms have been passed down generation to generation. This also ensures that each of our clients have one-of-a-kind homes.

With craftsmanship top of mind, Light and Dwell has taken on a new venture, The Light and Dwell Shop. Their shop launched in Fall 2022 and consists of one-of-a-kind foundational furniture pieces that are hand-crafted to last a lifetime. After many years of creating custom pieces for their clients, visiting inspirational places, and a growing desire to create a sensible and sustainable home collection, they plan to expand the line throughout the year. As Principal Designer, Molly takes a whole-hearted approach to each design, offering a fresh perspective on old age classics."


I love everything that Lindye does, but the thing that stands out for me is her bold use of texture. She creates such unique and funky spaces, but it still feels homey.


"Lindye Galloway is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop, a full-service interior design firm and online shop based in Orange County, California. As a self-taught designer with over 15 years of creative experience, Lindye infuses her California roots by blending clean lines with organic touches, while always stretching beyond to showcase her ever-evolving style."


Amber Interiors - Various Projects


And last but not least I've been following Amber Lewis for quite some time now and her feed never disappoints. She manages to use lots of color and it still looks light and timeless. Theres always so much texture and balance to her spaces.


"As principal at Amber Interior Design and founder of the blog, All Sorts Of, she has garnered clients and followers from around the world. As pioneer of the white-wall, laid back California aesthetic, Amber’s eclectic design approach and affinity for found objects has made her a household name.

Amber imbues a bit of California eclectic in all of her projects, but craves a design challenge and opportunities to show off her ever-evolving style. No matter what the style she is asked to create, each space designed by Amber feels cozy, eclectic, and unique.

Today Amber Interior Design, Inc. provides designs for large scale residences. Amber and her team work with architects and contractors to bring the distinct visions seen in her work, on her blog and in her retail Shoppe, to life. Light filled rooms, colorful textiles, natural elements, earthy textures, and brushed metals, are the elements that define and can always distinguish an Amber Interiors designed home.

Amber currently lives in Calabasas with her daughter Gwyneth, and fur babies Penny, Billie, Stella, Milo, and Georgie (all rescue animals)."


If you have a favorite designer your follow on Instagram comment below and Id love to check them out!


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