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10 Weird and Awesome Facts That you Don't Know About Us!

So I think that hiring any designer or decorator, or really any creative professional to come collaborate and implement a project with you, especially in your home is a very personal decision. It really has to be a good fit on so many levels. So what better way to get to know us than to get on here and give 5 super awesome facts about both of us that you probably don't know!

Bailey Todd

1. My Town is Famous... Kinda - I was born and raised in a town that is home to the world's largest catsup bottle. And yes, I spelled it catsup because thats what it says on the bottle. Its a small little town in Illinois, on the outskirts on St. Louis, MO. I'm not sure that this is really on anyones list to see, and if you are from the area its actually pretty lack luster, but its always a cool little fact that I find entertaining.

2. Favorite Desert - One of my all time favorite deserts is from a little bitty restaurant from my home town. If you are ever in Collinsville, IL, you have to stop by Bert's Chuck Wagon! It used to be in the smallest little building in the middle of town and has since become bigger but still serves the same old mom and pop food with the same great service. Plus, they have EVERYTHING. It has been in business since my parents were kids. But ever since I was a kid, I've been getting their "fried ice cream" with mint chocolate chip ice cream and extra whipped cream. It's not the traditional fried ice cream, but it's covered in frosted flakes, and honey. YUM YUM YUM! It is one of my favorite childhood memories. BTW, you also have to get the tacos if you are there as well!

3. Favorite Design Style - My all time favorite design aesthetic would have to be a modern relaxed California style. Light a bright with a mixture of soft hues. A style that is more curated, and filled with light. It looks so effortless and put together, and it gives a stylish yet lived in feel. This living room by Studio McGee is a perfect example of that. Click on the pic to see the rest of Studio McGee's awesome designs.

Design: Studio McGee Photography: @lucycall Textiles: @susanconnor_ny

Even though I say this is my all time favorite, I still have a lot of other styles that I practically drool over. The more opportunities that I get to create beautiful and out of the box designs the better!

4. I grew up in an antique shop - My grandmother always had such a creative soul with the logic of a great business woman. She had many businesses throughout her life, from being in a rock band and touring, owning a music shop, she had a small seamstress business, and last but not least ran a well know antique shop. I was very close to my grandparents and spent a lot of time with them. They bought an old dilapidated farm plantation and rebuilt it. They then turned the barn into an antique store, that I spent many afternoons playing with the old toys in their store, and watching her refinish pieces just to bring them back to life. I believe that I get all my creativity and passion from her.

5. Career Change - Before I started my design business, I had two other careers. I actually went to college and got my Culinary Arts Degree. I worked in fine dining for 2 years and then moved into management as a Sous Chef and Retail/ Catering manager for corporate hospital dining for another 6 years. While culinary arts gave me the opportunity to express my creative side, it was long hours, nights, weekends, and holidays and I wanted to start a family. So I decided to quit my job one day and teach myself how to code. It took me 8 long months of attending community groups and online learning to teach myself how to code, but I eventually got a job as a software developer thanks to the support of my awesome husband. But interior design is my real passion. Its something that I've always done on the side, and dabbled in with my own real estate investments. So here we are today. Going full speed ahead, chasing my dreams, and loving every second of it!


Haley Riechmann

1. Home Sweet Home- There is nothing sweeter than going home. I have always been a homebody. It is my happy place where I can relax, unwind and organize or decorate things. I am forever doing projects or coming up with projects. Sometimes, I wish my brain had a switch so I could turn it off. I am sure my husband would also agree with that. But regardless, I love being at my house with my people and making memories. That is a good day to me.

2. Profession- In addition to entering the design world, I am also a Registered Dietitian and I work in Dialysis. I love what I do and working with my patients. It is a big family with lots of support. I enjoy working with people to create sensible plans that they can follow while still meeting their nutritional needs. I also love FOOD! Eating it, I don’t as much like cooking but I am working on that. I think some fun memories are created in the kitchen and I want my kiddos to experience some good eats that we created together. Plus, I now have this awesome Quick Cooker that is just amazing!

But my true love...has always been design. I feel so lucky to be on this journey with Bailey. It is so much fun creating spaces for clients and knowing that this is a place where they are going to have so many amazing times.

Design by: Emily Henderson All rights reserved.

3. Favorite Design Style- I am not sure that I have one favorite style but I do tend to lean towards more clean and modern these days. I like the idea of simplicity and minimalism. This can be a challenging design to accomplish with 3 kids. When I am looking for inspiration for fun eclectic environment, I love Emily Henderson. She has such a wide array of design styles. Her spaces are so fun and yet classic. They would definitely make me want to stay home even more!

4. Must have- I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I MUST HAVE COFFEE every day, all day, multiple cups. It is for sure one of my favorite things on the planet. I would love to be a coffee tester. How fun would that be? MMMMMM Coffee drinking as my job. Yes! Please! I wish I could say that it gives me energy but I really don’t know if it does anymore. I just drink it because I love the taste and the warmth no matter what time of year.

5. Decorating is in my genes - I have always been interested in interior decorating. As a child, I would constantly ask my mom to let me change my comforters and paint my room. As I got older, I found myself drawn to decorating magazines. My mom and I would page through looking for inspiration for our next house project. She also loves decorating and has always been great at it. She is a great resource for me and I love talking through design ideas with her. I love design that is purposeful and well thought through. Combining new trends with sentimental treasures is a huge priority for me. It is my goal to create a stylish, yet warm and inviting space and to have fun doing it!

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