10 Weird and Awesome Facts That you Don't Know About Us!

So I think that hiring any designer or decorator, or really any creative professional to come collaborate and implement a project with you, especially in your home is a very personal decision. It really has to be a good fit on so many levels. So what better way to get to know us than to get on here and give 5 super awesome facts about both of us that you probably don't know!

Bailey Todd

1. My Town is Famous... Kinda - I was born and raised in a town that is home to the world's largest catsup bottle. And yes, I spelled it catsup because thats what it says on the bottle. Its a small little town in Illinois, on the outskirts on St. Louis, MO. I'm not sure that this is really on anyones list to see, and if you are from the area its actually pretty lack luster, but its always a cool little fact that I find entertaining.

2. Favorite Desert - One of my all time favorite deserts is from a little bitty restaurant from my home town. If you are ever in Collinsville, IL, you have to stop by Bert's Chuck Wagon! It used to be in the smallest little building in the middle of town and has since become bigger but still serves the same old mom and pop food with the same great service. Plus, they have EVERYTHING. It has been in business since my parents were kids. But ever since I was a kid, I've been getting their "fried ice cream" with mint chocolate chip ice cream and extra whipped cream. It's not the traditional fried ice cream, but it's covered in frosted flakes, and honey. YUM YUM YUM! It is one of my favorite childhood memories. BTW, you also have to get the tacos if you are there as well!