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A bit about me...

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Ok guys, so I have been talking to my husband for a while years, about wanting to have my own interior decorating business. I even thought about going back to school, but I had just had a baby, we were trying to pay the bills, I just felt like its something I would never be able to do. So I kept saying, maybe when I retire I can start my own business. I went on to have a career change and taught myself to code instead and have now been a software developer for nearly 4 years now. But I just keep feeling that itch, to do something I'm passionate about. I spend all of my alone time thinking about and researching interior design. We are currently building our dream house and so I have been living the dream right now. But one day, I started following Lindsey Brooke Design on instagram (If you don't currently follow her, you should!), and that got me following Michelle Binette Design (You should also follow her and listen to her podcast - Real Talk Design) and listening to her podcasts. How could I not want to start up my business with how inspirational these ladies are?! It's like a fire had been ignited inside of me. Im not ok with just waiting till I retire to do something I love, and why should I? So here I am telling my husband, quite timidly, that I am starting my interior design business. Luckily, he has been really supportive and so here are a few of the things I've been doing to get things started in case you might want to start them too!

1. Writing out my goals - I got this from Lindsey Brookes Monday Mentor Sessions.

2. Started taking an AutoCAD course on Its a great option for DIY's and its cheap. I think the course cost me $7.99. How could you beat that?!

3. Started taking Kimberly Seldons Business of Design Course. I highly recommend taking this course, just because she has so much to learn from.

4. Set up my social media accounts Instagram & Facebook. @whitecliffStudio

5. Applied to become an LLC. I'm currently doing this through my Lawyer. This might be a little overkill but Id rather be safe than sorry.

6. Hired a graphic designer to create a brand logo. - This was really important to me to come off as seeming already established and branded. I feel like it makes me look more professional.

7. Purchased a domain name.

8. I'm currently setting up a website and my blog.

9. Printed out some business cards.

10. Reached out to everyone I knew. I networked with a well known real estate agent in my area, I also networked with a couple of builders in my area, and posted on my local Mommy group. This got me my first client within 2 weeks on starting this journey.

I've got so much more to learn but I am really excited to get going. Cant wait to take you guys with me!

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