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Our Process

At White Cliff Studio we have a thoughtful set of processes that we have developed to ensure that we can provide you with highest quality service and an end result that you will love. Adhering to these processes help us to make sure that each of our clients know what to expect from us and their project.

Note: Not all phases are going to be included for all services. Only our Full Service includes all of these phases.

Discovery Call

Our Discovery Call is our FREE 20 minute phone consultation. During this phone call we are able to gather general information about your project, as well as answer any questions that you may have about our services, process, and prices. After our call we will send you a link to book your in home consultation and fill out a lifestyle questionnaire.

In Home Consultation

Every Project that we take on starts off with a 2 hour in home design consultation. During this time we will walk the space with you, answer any questions that you may have about the project, provide any ideas regarding layout, color scheme, general design, etc. 

We will also review our services and contracts to help you determine what service will best fit your needs and budget as well as provide you with an estimate for our fees. 

Design Session

Once we have determined what service you would like to move forward with, we will schedule a design session. During this session we will help to identify your desired aesthetic, review inspiration photos, go over your lifestyle questionnaire in depth and review many different design aspects so that we can get a good feel for what you like and dont like. 

Trade Day

Now that we have a handle on what you like and dislike, we are ready to start the design phase of the project. We will schedule a trade day so that we can come out to take measurements, brainstorm and work along side our contractor on site to determine any and all project aspects that we need to be aware of. 


This can be one of the longer phases as it consists of us finding and selecting all of the materials that we are going to incorporate into your design. We will be creating an online client dashboard, ordering samples, getting pricing, etc. 


Once we have completed your design we will schedule a presentation date with you so that you can see your 3d renderings, touch and feel the samples and give us feedback on the design. Your designs have 2 revisions included for any changes that need to be made

Approvals and Orders

Now that we have everything the way you like it, you will go in to your client dashboard and approve all of the items that you liked and are ready for us to start ordering. Then we will get all of your orders placed and wait for them to arrive to our receivers.

Project Management

If your project requires any construction we will work alongside our contractor to discuss the design and implementation from beginning to end. We will do site visits at various times throughout the construction phase to ensure that there is clear and concise communication between us and the trades.

Install Day

Our install day is much different from the construction phase of the project. This is when we bring in all of your furnishings and decor. We will work with our team and our receivers to get all items unpackaged, placed, and styled to perfection for you. This can actually take multiple days to complete but is what finishes every space off. During this time we will have a scheduled photo shoot day to take portfolio pictures of the space.

Project Close

Now that your space is finally done we are ready to close out your project. This is when we will provide you with an end of project packet with all of the different finishes and information on each item that is in your design. We also like to ask for feedback and testimonials from our clients to ensure that we are always evolving and working to better our practices.

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