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Upgrade Your Summer!

Summer is almost here! Which means lots of beautiful weather, BBQs, and hanging around outside. So make sure your outdoor space is looking its best and ready for all of those friendly gatherings.

If you are wondering what to do with your space, I've put together some design boards just for you as well as some tips for elevating that outdoor space. Each board has a clickable link where you can purchase any item you see on the board.


If you have that outdoor lounging area that is great for curling up to drink a glass of wine or just sit and gather there are so many great options for this. You can arrange separate lounge chairs for each person around a coffee table or fire pit area. Add softness with an outdoor rug, some greenery, and pillows & throws. OR you can go with a nice sofa or sectional to give it more of a homey indoor/outdoor feel. Either are great options for creating gathering spaces in your backyard.

Lounge Chairs

Sofas & Sectionals

Coffee & End Tables


For your dining area, it really depends on the space that you have. If you are limited on space, go for a small cafe table and chairs. If you have a moderate amount of room, opt for a round dining table and chairs that can sit 4-6 people. A Round Dining table is easier to maneuver around in smaller spaces. If you have a large dedicated outdoor dining area, you can use a long rectangular table to host your late night dinner parties.

Dining Tables

Dining Chairs


And of course to finish off any space a great I always suggest a great rug to ground and define each space. To soften and add more interest to your space, add pillows, throws for cold nights, and plants.



And of course the final tip I can give you to enjoy your outdoor space is to RELAX after all of that hard work! Here is to enjoying many summer nights with friends & family, and as always Happy Shopping!

Some links may contain affiliate links. This does not mean that you are paying any more but that I may get a small commission from some purchased items through these links. Thanks for shopping local!

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