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3 Home Upgrades You Can Do Yourself Easily


Things have changed in today's world of renovations and home updates. We see projects with extended timelines because of longer lead times on products and supply chain issues. We are also finding that most contractors that have the proper background and experience are not always readily available to start a project right away.

So, if you’re ready to update your home without a major renovation, try one of these 3 easy home upgrades…

1. The Power of Paint

One way of giving your home a quick and easy update would be to pick out a new paint color. This can be as easy as adding in a bold accent wall or repainting multiple spaces throughout.

When choosing a paint color, my suggestion is to be patient. Find a color palette that you like, pick out multiple samples to put on the wall, and live with them for a few days. Then, when applying your samples, put them on multiple spots in the room to see how the shadows and light hit differently. Take time to look at your samples at different points of the day to see how the morning, mid-day, and evening sun interact with the color.

2. Transform Any Room with New Lighting & Hardware


Another easy upgrade would be to swap out those old light fixtures and hardware. A new light can update a space instantly. Consider selecting the right light bulb as well. We always suggest around 3000 kelvins for more relaxing spaces like bedrooms and living rooms and 5000 kelvins for more productive areas like laundry rooms and kitchens.

Here are our recommendations:

1900 kelvins: Candlelight; warm and orange-reddish

2500 kelvins: Tungsten light; warm with orange-yellow colors

3000 kelvins: Early sunrise; warm yellow color

4500 kelvins: Electronic flash; transitioning from warm to cool tones

5000 kelvins to 5500 kelvins: Noon sunlight; bright with mild cool hues

6000 kelvins: Overcast daylight; very bright and cool

10,000 kelvins: Blue sky; extremely bright and cool


3. Freshen Your Space with New Furniture & Window Treatments

Last but not least, you can swap out some of those old furnishings and window treatments for something new and fresh. You may not be ready to do an extensive renovation, but adding in some new key pieces to refresh the space is always a good idea.

When selecting new furniture and window treatments, always keep in mind your end goal, so you have an easy transition between now and when you are ready for a renovation in the future.


There are so many endless options for reviving your home, and sometimes that can get overwhelming. Schedule a free discovery call with us to discuss your project, concerns, and overall goals.

We would love to help you make this transition an easy and fun experience to ensure no time or money is wasted while designing your dream home.


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