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A DIY Master Closet Refresh - One Room Challenge Week 1


When we moved into our house a few months ago, we left the closet completely empty. We told the builder to not put any shelves in, and left it a blank white room. As with a lot of the rooms in my house, I usually have a plan, but I had been having a bit of a hard time coming up with some inspiration for our closet. I couldn't decide if I wanted simple or bold. I knew the layout that I wanted and I had planned to put my vanity in our master closet since its a decent size space. Then I saw this wallpaper and knew instantly that this was going to be the inspiration for our master closet.

I fell in love with its large scale, the deep colors, and the drama that it brings to the room. Now since this is our master closet, I want it to be beautiful, functional, but also affordable. So since we needed to get some use out of it first, I went to good ole and started planning out our closet system so that we could at least use it until I had the design planned out. I chose to go with the ever so popular PAX system. It was affordable, customizable, and it already matched my vanity that I had bought from Ikea years ago.

So my husband and I each designed our side of the closet on Ikea's website, I went ahead and ordered it, and then I spent 2 weeks putting it together! If you have ever bought anything from Ikea, you know that putting it together can be pretty frustrating. But with anything, after a while you get into a groove and it's not so bad. I was just happy to have some storage for our stuff. So this is what our closet currently looks like.

Its extremely boring, and BLAH. It's just a blank white space, but for the past couple of months its at least offered the functionality that we needed. But now for the fun part! I knew I had that wallpaper as inspiration, and finally was able to put together a full design and inspiration board for our closet.

The walls and ceiling will be a deep dark green color. The Closet system and vanity will remain white, while adding a feature wall behind the vanity. (I'll go into more detail about the feature wall) I am keeping the furniture and lighting light since the room itself will be quite dark. I can't wait for you guys to follow along with the progress of this room.

You may have noticed that I have this logo at the top of this blog which is quite new. Thats because this year I am participating as a guest in the One Room Challenge! I am so excited to share the transformation of this space, and for you guys to follow along with all of the little projects I will do in order to turn this room from boring to fun and functional! You can go check out my entries along with other fun rooms that designers are submitting here

Id love to hear some of your favorite parts of this design, or answer any questions that you may have, so make sure to leave a comment! As always, Happy designing!

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