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3 Ways to Design a Cozy Home without all the Clutter

In our initial consultation, I ask clients what they want their homes to feel like, and I almost always hear the word cozy. It’s a feeling that most people correlate with being comfortable, relaxed, and happy. So it’s no wonder why people use this word to describe their perfect home.

Our surroundings can manipulate our physical, mental, and emotional health, so you want to add the best elements to achieve a cozy feeling while not creating additional clutter in your space. All the extra stuff in our homes creates unnecessary stress, which is the opposite of cozy.

So today, I’m giving you my top 3 ways to design a home without all the clutter…

1. Tie In Cozy Textures

Creating a cozy space means blending different textures. For example, you can swap out regular throw pillows with something that has more texture, like a woven or leather pillow. Try adding a cashmere throw or velvet draperies. This will help to add warmth and depth to the room.

2. Select Warm, Grounding Colors

Another way to create a cozy interior is in the colors you choose. Imagine your ultimate cozy space. It may feel intimate, with a warm fireplace and a comfortable sofa.

The same translates in the colors that you use in the space. If you want it to feel more intimate, try using a warmer color pallet such as taupe, reds, and beiges but in a neutral.

Also, try swapping out some light fixtures for dimmable ones so that when you want to wind down and relax, you can turn down the lights.

3. Summon Warm Feelings with Scents

Did you know that scent triggers 75% of all emotions?! It is incredible how powerful scent can be. So adding a diffuser or candle to your space with a warm aroma will indeed help your home feel cozier.

So to wrap up, there are many ways to make your home feel cozy without the added clutter. You certainly don't need to add more accessories. Instead, make sure that your choices include a warm color palette, interesting textures, and warm scents that align with the feeling you are trying to evoke in your home.

We would love to help you design that warm cozy space in your home. Reach out to us, and let's chat.



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