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A Mix of Modern and Vintage for a beautiful Basement Design


We have been undertaking a ton of projects throughout the pandemic as most have. But over the summer it was all outside projects. We landscaped, built multiple retaining walls, steps, and a fire pit. And by we, I mean my husband built them all, I just dream them up. But now in the cooler months we are finally getting started on our basement. He has almost finished framing, electric and plumbing while I have been busy picking all of the finishes, and finalizing layouts, etc. So I wanted to share the overall design so far and will be blogging as we go throughout this fun project for ourselves.

Today I'll be going over the bar area. We are going to be using this area in multiple ways and dont really see ourselves needing a full bar with seating. We've had one of those in the past and never really sat at it. So we decided to scale down the bar to only what we needed for the space. It will have a sink, refrigeration, a dishwasher, and of course some storage.

This Inspiration

I took inspiration from one of my favorites, Studio McGee and her personal mud room. I loved the un-lacquered brass hardware the warm limestone and the contrast of the bright walls and dark dramatic cabinetry. While I took a lot of inspiration from this space, I knew I wanted to go for a bit more of a modern look throughout the basement while incorporating some vintage feel, so I needed to put my own spin on it.

The Design

Instead of doing the shiplap I chose to go with a white fluted terrazzo tile from Ann Sacks for the backsplash and take it halfway up the wall to a floating white ledge shelf which will work for storage and display. I just cant wait for this tile to go on the wall! Its so unique and will offer a beautiful and timeless texture to the wall without being too in your face. It also gives a similar effect as the vertical shiplap but with putting a more modern twist on it.

Above the shelf I plan to put a picture light and also some vintage art prints.

I am really splurging on some things in the basement renovations, but I've used the picture lights before and they are a really good inexpensive light when you are ballin on a budget. This particular vintage art print is from our digital art collection. I'll probably use the Craig frames that I love so much. If you are looking for other great art resources take a look at our other Blog post