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Powder rooms: small space, BIG drama!

Designer: Amber Lewis Photographer: TESSA NEUSTADT

If you are someone who likes to play it safe, but just wants to test out some more daring design trends, the powder room is the way to go. I am a huge fan of white with clean and timeless traditions for interior design, but I also LOVE to create spaces that are out of the box. I want to be able to pull people out of their comfort zone so that they can experience designs they never would have thought of themselves (that's why you called us right?!), but I also like to push myself as well to find new ways to turn a space from forgettable to O-la-la!


There's quite a few ways to be a bit more risky with your powder room design. Adding a fun wallpaper can really have a huge impact. There are so many variations of wallpaper that you can put in your powder room. From a geometric pattern, to something a bit more traditional and subtle. Either way, when guests walk into to that bathroom, they wont want to leave!

Tip: If you are going to go with wallpaper, you want to make sure that you have a professional to install it. Wallpaper can be expensive, so its always a great option for a powder room if you are on a budget, but you want to make sure that you have it installed properly.


Tile is great both functionally and aesthetic wise. It can provide a durable and cleanable surface against your vanity wall, while also helping to add color, texture, and pattern. I love using tile in different ways such as an entire wall behind a vanity like the pictures above. Or maybe doing a fun white subway 2/3 of the way up the wall if you want to play it a bit safer. To really add some fun, use a tile with a geometric pattern!


I always feel like adding moulding to a room gives it a bit more of elegance and a grander feel. It does depend on what kind of moulding you decide to add that will determine the style that you are going for, but it always adds that extra detail that just seems to take the design over the top. There are so many different variations and patterns to choose from, that you are bound to find something that you will like.


Last, but certainly not can always go crazy with your paint color choices! Its a small space, so even if you don't like the color you chose, it wont take that long to repaint it. Just because all you are changing is the paint, doesn't mean it wont make a big impact. Going with a bold color choice can make the space feel more fun. But beware, don't go too neon or bright, or you will feel like you are glowing when you are in the room, and if you choose a very dark color only do so if there is some natural light in the room or a way to balance out the dark with lighter selections for your vanity and lighting.

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