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No Upper Cabinets - Is it a trend or here to stay?

There is a fine line between functional design, and aesthetic design. The kitchen is the one place that having a functional design is a must. So what about this trend of having no upper cabinets in the kitchen?

I absolutely love the look of a kitchen with no upper cabinets. I love even more when there are no open shelves either. It gives such a clean, open, and airy look to the space. But what if you are tight on space? If you want to attempt this look in a smaller space you really have to think through the pros and cons.

For kitchens with a smaller footprint, you really need to make sure to plan out exactly what needs to stored and where you will store it. If possible keeping most of you storage in a pantry or bank of full height wall cabinets. This will allow for some upper storage still, but it wont be as noticeable since it's built into a full height cabinet solution. Below is a great example of a kitchen with no real upper cabinets, but they still implemented a full wall of floor to ceiling cabinets for extra storage around the refrigerator.

Although a space may be small though, it doesn't mean that this wont be beneficial. By getting rid of bulky upper cabinets, this can make the space feel more open and larger. If you can possibly adding in some windows this will allow for more natural light, and will give the illusion that the space feels bigger.

If you can't add in windows, try adding in a beautiful accent ledge with sconces. This will allow for some functional and aesthetic storage. Everyone is so afraid of open shelves because they feel that in order for them to look pretty all of the time, they cant actually be used. This is not the case. This kitchen is a small NY apartment size galley kitchen in which it feels so large due to the open style of cabinetry as well as the natural light.

Here is another great example from my very own kitchen, where I have no real upper cabinets. I use my floating shelves on a daily basis to store everyday plates and bowls, while also displaying some of my favorite accessories. ....I am however thinking to possibly add in some sconces.

Another thing I love is that my shelves are forever changing. I am always finding something fun and new to add or take away in them.

So what do you think? is this something that you would try? Let me know in the comments.

As always, happy decorating!

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