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New 2021 Color Trend that I am Obsessed With


So I've been seeing a new color emerging in some designs in the last year but it really seems to have gained more traction in the last few months. While I will always love blues and greens, I am seeing a lot more warmer reds, oranges and yellows emerging. Weather it be in upholstery, paint, or wallpaper and accent pieces it is clearly becoming a more popular choice in homes. It is kind of giving me the 90's vibes from when everyone started putting the dark red wine colors carpet in their house! I would go as far to say that is back in style, but I think it can come from the same place and these colors are really having a moment.

So here is some great example of other designs that I've seen and love that are bring this new color trend into play.

First and foremost is this guest bedroom design from Studio McGee's SM Ranch. She did this one a while ago and it really stuck with me. I love that the upholstered bed is a bit more unexpected than usual. She certainly isn't afraid to go with deeper more moody colors, but this one really caught my eye.


Next up would be this drop dead beautiful music room from Chris Loves Julia's latest home renovation. I always love following along when they redo their home and can't wait to see what they have in store in their next house.

This is a great example of doing a dark color on the wall and taking it onto the ceiling as well. She has the rich dark wood of the piano but still lightens the room up with the cream boucle chairs, concrete coffee table, and lighter accessories. Even though this has a really beautiful red color, it still feels calm and cozy with lots of neutral elements.

Here are some great finds!


So since I am on a kick of loving all the rust colors, I thought I'd share with you some great finds that I keep seeing pop up because google knows I am obsessed with it right now.

Here are a couple of great looking sofas from Interior Define. They have a great performance velvet at a great price. I am currently eyeing up their modular sectional for our basement in the rust performance velvet.

I know this was a short one, but I am trying to get on here a bit more frequently because I am terrible about sitting down and writing my blog posts even though I have so much to say. haha. I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think about this new trend that I am seeing. Do you love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Designing!

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