Mixing furniture pieces - Why it's important

Now don't get me wrong, Who doesn't love a good set from Pottery barn, or West Elm when they have it all set up in the window. It's beautiful, it all matches exactly, and they are obviously very good at it designing them. These "sets" are made for people to just go in take a quick look at it and say "Ok, thats good!". But is "good" really good enough?

There nothing to say that matching dining room set wont look good in your home, but that is the big difference between doing it yourself, and hiring a decorator. If it were that easy everyone could be one. But when you walk into a home that has been carefully curated by a designer, you can tell a big difference between that and the matching set you picked up at the retail store. So here are some great examples of how to mix different furniture pieces but still have your space look cohesive and high end.