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Is your Shabby Chic home out of date?

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

So we all have things that were really cool at one point but very much trendy and are probably still sitting in your home, or that you are still even buying. I am a firm believer that a home should be a reflection of you, and so I do think there are times where rules are meant to be broken. BUT...... there are some things that just arent aging well that I still see in homes today. So here are the top changes that you need to make in your shabby chic home.

1. Windows as decor

If you know me I am the repurposing queen. I love to find vintage and second hand items for decor. So i understand wanting to take something old and figure out a way to use in a new space, but here is the has to make sense. Using and old window frame looks like you found an old frame on the side of the road and just threw it up there because you didnt have any actual art to put up. It isnt a piece of art, and it doesn't actually serve its functional purpose.

This became popular when shabby chic really made its debut, but its moment has come and passed. There are better ways of implementing this look without using an old window frame. Try using actual vintage frames like the ones below.


2. Live, Laugh, Love Signs

Ok, so I feel like we have all had the dreaded word signs at some point, if not you probably wanted one, I know I did! This seemed to be another popular item that came with the whole Joanna Gaine's era. This is actually a continuous pet peeve among designers that these seem to still be popular. I am still seeing these everywhere at Hobby Lobby, on craft sites, etc. Realistically, any sign with words dates your space terribly. It screams early 2010's!!! So take down all of those Metal Bakery signs and Inspirational Word signs.

If you are dead set on having word art, opt for something like a piece of historical pop art or a vintage poster.

3. Huge rolled arm chairs and couches