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Is hiring a designer/decorator really worth it?


Ok, so you are looking around your house and you feel like it needs some help. Maybe just a little sprucing up, or maybe your house is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and it needs that whole shopping scene where everything gets made over with an endless scene up upgrades are being thrown around the room. Regardless of what state its in you know you want a new fresh feel. Renovating and designing your home is such an exciting time and we know that, so we would love to go over some reasons why it's important to hire someone to help you with that project.

There are many benefits of hiring a professional, and some misconceptions. While hiring a designer is seen as a luxury service, and yes it can be, it doesn't mean it's only for the rich. There are still a lot of very beneficial services that you can receive. So if you think you just cant afford to get help from a designer, then I would ask that you keep on reading.

Working on renovating your space can be quite the undertaking. There are some major decisions that need to be made, one of which is figuring out the right contractors to hire for the job. As design professionals, we have built relationships and have experience working with a team of contractors that we feel provide the level of quality that clients want and need. This helps to relieve you of the stress of not knowing who you are hiring, or being unsure of the quality of work. And in turn, if something does go wrong, we are here to handle that situation instead of you having to deal with the headache. We require for all contractors that we work with to be insured and with all work that requires a permit, we will always make sure that permits are pulled and everything is up to code.

Another great benefit of hiring a design professional is that we listen to all needs from all parties involved in the project, and we take those wants and needs into account. We spend a long time during the design process implementing and changing things around to account for the best design we can for your space. We have experience figuring out little ways to help you achieve the best functionality and look within your budget. We are also always continuing our knowledge and experience with research so that we can provide you with the best outcome.

Design: White Cliff Studio

For example, in this space, the couple didn't have a closet in the foyer or living area, and had no where to store blankets or small toys for their two children. They hated that they always had blankets sitting out but they had this cute space near the window with a comfy chair already sitting there. So I found the biggest woven basket I could find with a lid. This allowed for them to store all of the blankets while also providing a small side table.

Did you know that you also benefit from our design discount! Now this isn't the same for every design firm out there. Each company can structure their fees differently, but at here at White Cliff Studio we are very transparent with our pricing structure and like that you know exactly what your money is going to. But back to the benefits you receive! We have spent many hours doing research on vendors and building relationships with these vendors. It takes a lot of time and also money for us to find the right vendors, set up accounts, provide the right documentation, and go to market. This is why we have this awesome special pricing. So as a benefit to you, we share that discount with you 50/50 for all wholesale purchases. So for instance, a sofa we want for your space has the msrp set to $2,000 and we get it for $1,200. That means our discount is $800, which we pass on $400 of that savings to you. meaning you save big buying through us. So if you are worried about the fees associated with hiring a design professional, these savings tend to help offset that.

Another benefit that we ensure for some of our full service is using a receiver along with our project management. This is something that we will not work without and is an important part of your project running smoothly. This means, no more cardboard boxes and packing materials in your home, no more putting together furniture, no more having to be there to sign for large packages. We work with a receiver to make sure that all of your new pieces are stored properly and inspected for damages before they ever come to your house.

The last point that I want to make is that, even if you don't have tons of money to hire someone to help with your space, that doesn't mean you cant get help. You can hire us by the hour if you just need some help shopping accessories, or maybe you like doing the implementation yourself, but you just need help with the design concept. Here is a list of our design services and their description:

  • Full Service - This is the "HGTV experience". We schedule your consultation, and go over initial needs/wants. We create the design concept and present that to you. Once that is done we start ordering and implementation. You don't have to lift a finger!

  • E-Design/ DIY Design - This is a great service where someone might just need help with the design concept but really wants to do the implementation. We provide a design concept with renderings, a list of items to purchase, and implementation instructions all for a flat fee per room. Then you do all the ordering and installation.

  • Staging - This is more for someone selling their home, but is still an important part and can help you to sell your house fast!

  • Paint Consultation - Paint is a cheap fix, with a BIG impact! So choosing the right color can be really important. We can come to provide paint suggestions for both interior and exterior selections.

  • Design On Call - Maybe you have a really difficult corner in your house and you aren't sure of the layout, or you really just want to freshen up your accessories. This is where you can pay us by the hour to really provide a "power session" and focus in on only what you need

  • Event/Holiday Decor - Life gets busy an we know that. So this is a great option for giving your space that "Wow" factor. We do this so you can focus on what's important.

Whatever stage you are at with your home, either new or you've lived there for a while, I hope this helps in providing some insight into what some of the things you can benefit from.

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