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How to have affordable art that looks expensive

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

One of my favorite parts of designing a space is selecting art. When I have projects that can afford to indulge in one of a kind pieces that is so exciting and I absolutely love supporting my artist friends because they make such moving and exciting work. I've ALWAYS wanted to be able to own at least one original piece of art in my life and hope to someday be able to do that, but for right now my budget just doesn't work with those kinds of purchases at the moment. So I have to be savvy in how I create and display a piece of art that is cheap but looks more custom and expensive.

So in comes digital prints and easy framing hacks. I absolutely love the digital prints that we sell in our online shop. I am constantly looking through art so you guys don't have to and creating an online collection of my favorites, and then editing them so that they work best for framing and sizing. You can browse all of our digital art prints HERE

A few examples of the some the great digital prints we have available are below. "A Sea at War" is definitely my favorite at the moment though!

Ok so once. you download it and get it printed, what is the easiest and most cost effective way to frame and display your art? Well once of my favorite hacks I like to use is to use one of these two frames.

Craig Frames

So this is one of my favorite ornate gold frames. I get it from amazon and it comes in tons of different sizes and already has the matting. They are super affordable and have enough of a vintage look without being too ornate for my transitional style. You can buy them HERE

Here it is with one of the prints. I absolutely love this display grouping.

Knoppang Frames

My other favorite frame is from non other than IKEA! I love the Knoppang Frames in a 24x36 size. You can obviously use whatever size is needed for your space, but this is better for a large wall or hallways where maybe we want to do a triptych display.

This frame also comes with its own Matting which is fine if you are wanting to do a larger style print, but what I do to make it a bit more custom and expensive looking is to order a custom matting so that it will fit a smaller Landscape orientation. I love the way this looks. I generally will go to my local hobby shop like Micheals or Hobby Lobby where they have a sale going on for matting and frames for the week, and will give them the dimensions of my art, the dimensions of the frame and the placement.

For the Knoppang frames I usually pair an 11x14 art print in a 24x36 frame. I have the art centered and a matting width of 7" from the top. So it should look something like this:

I really hope this helps to give you some affordable tips to integrate more art into your home. I think art is more of a feeling than it is a thing. When I talk to people about art, its not about what it looks like, its all about how it makes you feel.

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