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How To Design Like a Pro


So you're thinking about tackling that space that is in dire need of a makeover. Whether its just a little sprucing up or a whole overhaul, there are certain steps you need to take in order to get your space from point A to that inspiration photo that you have been drooling over.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when trying to design their own space is not having a plan. Maybe you randomly saw some tile while you were at home depot that you just absolutely loved, or one of your friends painted their walls a beautiful shade of blue that you just loved. So you went ahead and had your entire house painted in the same blue color.......but now you have to finish off the space.

So you go back to looking at your inspiration photos and try to piece meal random things that you keep finding just to realize that it didn't quite turn out the way that you wanted. The undertones in that blue color don't really go with the new chairs that you found at home goods and because the natural light in your home is different than your friends, the paint looks completely different. Your cabinets are more of an antique white and they now look yellow because you put in a bright white subway tile. And you are left with a not very good outcome and a lot of money spent.

Design takes patience and a plan. So I am going to give you some of my top tips that I use to help you design your space like a pro

STEP 1 - List Your Wants/Need & Expectations

Whatever room you are planning to work on, look at the space and see if there is anything that you are missing. Maybe you need better storage solutions, or you need the room to be multi functional (An office by Day, and a guest room by night). Write down how you want to feel in the space when its done. If its a room that requires high functionality like a kitchen, make sure that you consider, do I want specific storage for that mixer, or maybe you are an avid coffee drinker and you want a dedicated coffee bar. Write these down, because if you just try to remember all of them, you will forget something.

STEP 2 - Gather Inspiration Photos

A great resource for gathering inspiration photos is Pinterest or Instagram. There are tons of designers and DIYers out there that share their work on these platforms. Gather photos that you feel strong about, and make note if there is something specific that you love about the photos. Also gather photos of things that you dislike so that you can reference what not to do. Make sure to look up specific inspiration photos that have to do with things on your list. If you are needing storage solution for built ins, gather photos that have to do with that.

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STEP 3 - Measure

Measure Everything! Measure the room dimensions, the ceiling height, the door openings. the window placement. Even can make out a little sketch if you need to. This will ensure that the pieces you select for the space will be the right size, and to also make sure that you can even get it into the door. If you live in a loft or apartment building, measure the elevator or stairwell too. It sounds crazy but you will thank me later!

In your room, take blue painters tape and tape out the new furniture on your floor so that you can actually visualize the size of the piece.

STEP 4 - Start Picking Stuff Out

This is the fun part. Go online and start picking stuff out. If you are out and about and see something you like, take a photo of it. DO NOT BUY IT! I REPEAT DO NOT BUY IT! Unless you are 100% sure that you are going to love it and it wont be there tomorrow, otherwise just take a photo of it and go home. If they are available get samples of things. Just buy one single tile, or see if the furniture store has any fabric samples of that sofa you like that you can take home or borrow. Even if you have to pay for the sample, do it, because that $5 sample could save you from a very costly mistake.

Tip: A big mistake that I see people make all of the time in this step is picking out paint color first. It is ok to have an idea of an overall color scheme for your paint. Pick out a few that fall within that color pallet. The reason for picking out color last, is that there are so many undertones and shades in paint so there can be endless options. But a certain undertone may not go great with that tile that you fell in love with. So once you have made all of your other selections, go back to do your final paint selection.

Now, create a mood board like the one above or print out pictures of your selections and look at them all together. This helps to identify if something stands out or doesn't quite go with the other selections in the room. If you were able to get samples of anything have those all laid out together.

I will be writing another blog next week about how to create a mood board like the one above, so subscribe so you can be the first to know!

STEP 5 - Order and Install

So you have all of your selections, you love the way your mood board turned out and you are ready to pull the trigger. Even if you are breaking your project into phases and plan to only order a few things right away, you at least have a plan and know that everything is already chosen and will go together. Now you are ready to see your space transform into that beautiful image that you had in your head all along!

If you follow these tips and processes I can guarantee you will have a better turn out. It may take longer to get the project done, but you will be much happier in the end.

As Always, Happy Designing!


Interior Decorator

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